Saturday, August 30, 2014

Politics: Turns Out It's Not a Money Game

Or, at least, it shouldn't be.

So, to all you donation seekers out there who continue to speak the party line....

Stop asking for money. Stop making promises you don't intend to keep. Stop asking for support when your policies never help the people.

We need real change and action/policy-generated hope. No more rhetoric. No more party affiliation, when what we really need is someone with ideas. Someone with global compassion.  And someone who doesn't work for multi-nationals.

We need a leader, or maybe a movement, that knows that survival is about ALL of us winning, not just the 1%. Because we are all, including the planet, in this together.

In a world where every resource on which we depend has been contaminated by our toxic stewardship or depleted by our greed - it has become clear that, without a global vision, we will all cease to exist. 

Yes, let's get money out of politics, but let's not lose sight of the real obstacle to Our Evolution ... Colonialism (Corporatism)

Global unrest and social injustice are not accidents. They are the result of careful planning and diligent, geopolitical strategies implemented by the kind of mind-set that has existed since before the conquistadors: wherein expansionists strategize to eliminate, convert, or divide and conquer indigenous (and domestic) populations, in order to extract untold wealth and resources.

The owners of the world believe they are just acting on human nature. That they are simply successful at the natural impulse to conquer, oppress and create hierarchy. They are not fooled by the stories, secular or religious, that idealize the human condition....they are realists. Even baby-faced men, like Warren Buffett, are practitioners of this value system. They are worshiped for their financial prowess and get their pictures published on the cover of magazines like Fortune 500, but their pictures should really be on the wall of every post office across the nation...headlining the FBI's Most Wanted list. Because profit is not just an abstract number that exists in a quarterly spreadsheet as proof of business acumen. Profit is the extraction of other peoples' labor and resources.

These men are not heroes.

But what can we do? Where do we start?

Well, first, we could all agree that, who or what we worship, should never lead to the taking of another life. Then we could expose religious conflict for what it is...a justification for expansionism.

The only real difference between regions (beyond geographical topography) should be the style of clothes we wear, the music we create and the spices we put in our food. To this point we have developed along separate lines of belief and economic stratification but we have reached the point where cooperation and forward thinking is now necessary for survival.

We have been acting on our differences and divided by our beliefs, but without those superficial social stressors...we are all fundamentally connected. 

Ironically, it is fundamentalism that provides the wedge for colonialists to stir-up hatred and get parents to unwittingly sacrifice their children to the cause of Empire.

"Truce"/"The Tide" A Poem of Peace - A Song of Global Rising  

At least, that’s the way is it seems to me,


Saturday, July 5, 2014

The 1% Scrapbook - Memes from the One Percent created by annienomad-cyberpoet

The 1% Scrapbook

Page One

"Poor Is The New Brown"
by annienomad-cyberpoet

While the rich have always exploited the poor based on class status and regardless of color, the 1% now have an official name for it...Austerity.

Austerity is the means by which the IMF (acting as global Fuller Brush salesmen, going door-to-door in the EU convincing 1st world countries to reduce themselves to 3rd world status, via financial contracts) to further enrich the 1%.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vigil - A Poem of American Crisis by Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad-cyberpoet)

A Poem of American Crisis
Written, Animated and Performed
Sharee Anne Gorman

This poem was written after the Sandy Hook Massacre
Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics at M.I.T. said of "Vigil - A Poem of American Crisis" "Moving and evocative. And so true." 
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"We The People" An Animated Poem by annienomad-cyberpoet

"We the People" is an alternative political campaign ad. It doesn't attack anyone or make just calls citizens to task for letting the greedy and the corrupt co-opt our democracy.

 Written, Animated and Performed by
Sharee Anne Gorman

A new world is possible! 

"The Game" Animated Poem by Social Poet Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad-cyberpoet)

"The Game" is a call for peace, an appeal for brotherhood over ideology and a reproach for those who have for centuries used cultural beliefs to divide and conquer the many, in order to benefit the few. 

The Game

Sharee Anne Gorman