Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moving Beyond Tahrir Square - Carrying the Torch Forward To A Global Labor Treaty

Democracy and Regime Change were the goals of the Tunisian and Egyptian demonstrations, but labor is the spark that ignited that flame.

Whether it is a Global Labor Treaty such as the one I initiated at (which was signed by some of the Cairo protesters I was very pleased to discover) or an International Labor Summit, I think it is clear that big changes are headed our way internationally and the foundation of that change will be job and wage stability.

And about time I say! Up with the People! Up with Democracy!

May there be more Wael Ghonim's in the world. More Voices to remind us that -We, the people, are part of the balance of power and without us the Will to Power goes unchecked.

Larger, stronger nations have been preying upon weaker nations since armies first invaded neighboring lands, sea-worthy vessels were constructed and puppet governments erected to serve an outside power rather than the needs of their own people.

Slavery. Oppression. Deliberate fanning of the flames of instability so that resources can be stolen for pennies. These ills. These dirty tricks. These corrupt, but time-tested tactics, are still at work in the world today. But, with brave, consistent, mindful attention and abject refusal to turn a blind eye...their days are numbered.

In this era of media, with a camera in every corner of the world, the rich, the elite, the top 1% can no longer hide or justify their foreign (and more recently, their domestic) financial policy of: everything for the landowners/shareholders and nothing but crumbs for the people.

Sign the Global Labor Treaty Petition and help carry the torch forward.

Comes The Light :

Or, at least, that's the way it seems to me,