Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Peace Meme - Sanity Is A Prerequisite For Peace

The continuing catastrophic melt down in Fukushima, Japan clearly illustrates that the pursuit of Nuclear Energy is a global suicidal tendency...yet contracts around the world are being written up as we speak to build new nuclear plants. 

Are they insane? Maybe. Are they corrupt? Most certainly.

Who knows? Perhaps, they are just setting up the next Ponzi Scheme investor bubble for Wall Street and the .01% without any intention of following through on these trillion dollar contracts.

But, one thing's for sure, sanity is not America's biggest export.

America's biggest war.

Almost every movie made now is just one big
international arms dealer commercial.

Activists, concerned about the undue influence of
"product placement" in television and movies,
complain about the little can of Coke slipped into the
storyline of a fictional dorm room or grade school playground, while missing the massive weapons demonstration of the latest high-tech weaponry on display center screen from the latest action hero extravaganza for international buyers.

Anyone who thinks dystopian reality is some

dark, post-apocalyptic time far off in the distant future
really should think again.

We're already there...people just don't realize it because
it's been wrapped in American Idol and Kardashian ass.


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