Saturday, August 12, 2017

You Have Meddled With The Primal Forces of Nature!

"You Have Meddled With The Primal Forces of Nature: And...You...Will...Atone!"

Remember that great speech in "Network" delivered with such force and gospel-level conviction by Ned Beatty to a duly impressed and contrite Howard Beale (Peter Finch)? It was a revelation to many in the 70's to have the world reduced to a large, international conglomerate of corporations. The thing's still relevant today. If not more so.

So, being the industrious smart-ass you have come to know and love, I decided to put some rave music to that mind-blowing speech in the hopes that another generation might have a chance at understanding the world around them and approach it with a modicum of wisdom as to what can be done to affect our current political and social zeitgeist.

Beats and audio-reactive wave form created by me: Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad~cyberpoet)

This speech was written by famous screen and television writer Paddy Chayefsky - who won more solo Academy Awards than any other writer in the history of the Academy. 

As least, that's the way it seems to me...and apparently, Paddy Chayefsky :)

Sharee Anne Gorman