Friday, February 3, 2017

America Still On The Auction Block To Wall Street

The Corporate/Financial Coup of America Continues... 

Dear America,

If you're not're not paying attention. Trump is not disappointing the .01% who placed him in office.

Of course, it didn't start with Trump - Obama served, as did the Bushes, Clinton, Reagan and even mild-mannered Jimmy Carter. It's just that the looting is in full swing now with the "get away with anything President". They don't have to sugar-coat their plans any it's full speed ahead.

Here is an excerpt from "Wall Street On Parade" from Wall St. insider Pam Martens...

"Trump will continue the Orwellian reverse-speak of his campaign promises and do the opposite of what he promised. According to leaks to the financial media, Trump will today sign executive actions ordering swift reviews aimed at rolling back the feeble safeguards on Wall Street that currently exist while replacing them with — nothing. There has been no further word from Trump on bringing back the core principles of Glass-Steagall which would force the formal separation of banks holding taxpayer-backstopped insured deposits from the high-risk, derivatives-peddling, hedge-fund-financing investment banks..."

At least, that's the way it seems to me,

Sharee Anne Gorman