Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Perfect Timing - Secret Societies & "Conspiracy!"

Hey, look!

Newsweek has just published a "Special Edition" entitled "Secret Societies - Infiltrating The Inner Circle" which perfectly coincides with the release of my novel "Conspiracy!" A fun, political satire rife with conspiracies, whistleblowers, programmed assassins and...secret societies!

Conspiracy! is the story of two innocent but clueless reporters who stumble upon the story of the century...and manage to get every whistleblower killed in the quest to get their story to the public.

"THEY control the government and the media. Soon THEY will enslave every nation on Earth. But somehow, two clueless reporters have stumbled upon a story that threatens to expose THEIR entire global conspiracy. Trained assassins cannot kill these two idiots. Armies cannot stop them. Woodhead and Blundstein are ruining everything!"

It's funny!

It's thoughtful!!

It's Stupid Smart!

"It's Noam Chomsky Meets Mel Brooks!"

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