Thursday, June 7, 2012

Peace By Webcam Project

Announcing the 
Peace By Webcam

If you would like to participate in the Peace by Webcam project please go to annienomad's youtube video then tape a reading of "Un-Cry the Call" on your webcam and upload it as a video response! 

Help spread World Peace from your desktop!!

Hold up a photo that you feel best illustrates the horrors of war. 
And record a reading of this poem.
Lets spread the message that war is barbaric. 

"Un-Cry the Call"
(by annienomad-cyberpoet)

Un-drop the cluster bombs
Un-shoot the smuggled guns
Un-bury the abandoned dead

Teach the Joys of Life instead!

Un-orphan the starving child
Un-rape the innocence
Un-shed a people’s tears

Love, transform our ancient fears!

Un-breathe the dying breath
Un-make the Gods of selfless death
Un-mop the countless bloodied floors

Un-cry the call to War!