Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Conscience (I Apply Scar Gel) A Poem by annienomad-cyberpoet

When the world does not reflect the tenets of its own rhetoric and life is lost in resisting the internalization of the disconnect...the mind will start to eat itself.
You start to feel that in seeing beyond the mind-control, in collapsing beneath the weight of what lies behind the curtain, in not embracing the automatic life...that you have done something wrong.

(Apply Scar Gel)
Morning comes
feed the cat
wash the dishes
make the bed
apply scar gel
to pulse points,
like an exotic
oil of essence.
Sugar wants a nap
Evening comes
feed the cat
wash the dishes
unmake the bed
apply dreams
like scar gel
to the pulse points
of conscience.

Sharee Anne Gorman



Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Crafting - A Poem by annienomad-cyberpoet


The Crafting

My chalice for filling,
with wine for the wedding.
Heat searing the course
in the craft of our melding.
Aged-leather for binding,
the creature still raging.
Horns worn from uncoupling
the craft of forgiving.
Soft pillows for muffling
the screams of unlocking
potential from chaos.
The craft of life's longing.
Love waits for the day
when illusion gives way.
And hearts are thrown wide
to the child lost inside...
Who remembers the dreams
and keeps them alive,
for the ones who survive...
The long night of
the crafting.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Open Letter to Occupy Wall Street/ Labor/ Pam Martens/Noam Chomsky/Michael Hudson/Ralph Nader/Amy Goodman

Thank you for your tireless efforts to end corruption on Wall Street and to bring about a more just financial market...and by extension a more just society. 

I noticed how much energy and vitality the Occupy Movement gained when the labor movement threw their hat in the ring to join the protesters in Zuccotti Park on May Day 2012 and I was thinking maybe we should keep that relationship connected in a continuing effort. 

I have proposed a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages in a petition to President Obama, which also serves as  a basis for a global social justice movement.  And I thought you might want to be made aware of this growing movement, that perhaps you might want to share this idea among the influencers within your circle of friends and colleagues. 

It is my belief that a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages will spark a global conversation and a subsequent shift in the trajectory of our social thinking. 

Labor is the largest demographic on the planet transcending the social and ideological differences such as race, gender, religious and political party affiliations that usually keep us divided. 

Since imposed poverty is at the core of virtually every social injustice, forwarding a plan for economic equality will address a myriad of inherent injustices. Thus, giving citizens the strength and political will to stand against their oppressors. 

The extractors at the top of the pyramid (the .01%) can only oppress as long as no one addresses the source of their power...Profit Comes From Somewhere: the Under-Paid worker, the Over-Charged consumer, the Occupied Lands of of an occupied people.  

If we start at the root of injustice, then every other ill will be addressed. I believe Occupy, Labor and simple common sense can together make that happen. 

The Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages:  https://www.facebook.com/GlobalLaborTreatyforLivingWages

Thank you for your continued efforts. 
I would also like to thank Professor Noam Chomsky for taking the time to comment on my poem "Vigil" when I shared it with him. "Vigil" A Poem of American Crisis
And I would like to thank my friend Steve...for always believing in me.

Sharee Anne Gorman