Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Un-Cry the Call" A poem by annienomad-cyberpoet

"Un-Cry the Call"
(by annienomad-cyberpoet)

Un-drop the cluster bombs
Un-shoot the smuggled guns
Un-bury the abandoned dead

Teach the Joys of Life instead!

Un-orphan the starving child
Un-rape the innocence
Un-shed a people’s tears

Love, transform our ancient fears!

Un-breathe the dying breath
Un-make the Gods of selfless death
Un-mop the countless bloodied floors

Un-cry the Call to War!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Bullies Are Winning

Our political arena, for that's what it is in the best and worst sense of the word, has become so toxic and counter-productive that it is spilling over and poisoning the lives and psyches of our children.

To be sure, childhood has always been fraught with peril as children learn the protocols, boundaries and limitations of the will to power - but it seems to me that the current environment of bullying and competition has reached a new level of critical mass...on the playground, and in the halls of government.

Factions battle on air, in print and in the halls of political congress. Each side asserting their right-mindedness or their moral authority. But what has been lost in the fray is a true dialog of the challenges ahead and a consensus for action. A conversation of solutions, as opposed to a battle of wills.

All parties, domestic and foreign, have lost their credibility and along with it their efficacy. People have caught on to the fact that all sides have one agenda - supremacy for their side, and more importantly, supremacy for the entities that fund them.

Which is why in recent months we have seen scores of people taking to the streets.

Whether you feel the protesters are well-informed or misguided, it must be acknowledged that there is discontent in the air. A long, burning, fermented discontent that has broken free of the misinformation, the political theater and the strategies of distraction of those who would keep the masses deaf, dumb and blind.

Revolution is in the air and the "Architects of the Status Quo" are in panic mode. Cue the terror plot, cue the celebrity scandal, cue the latest villain of the week - anything to draw attention away from the growing, mass-awakening.

Architects of the Status Quo have over-played their hand and old strategies are falling on deaf ears (ears that have grown immune to lies and suspicious of fear tactics) leaving them to scramble, trying to avert the inevitable construction of guillotines in varying versions of Freedom Squares across the globe.

Which is why we need a change in direction. A change in dialog.

For if rulers (and the entities that fund them) around the globe continue to hold onto strategies of control - based on mind-control and naked aggression, then nothing will avert us from the trajectory of cataclysm that their injustices have placed us on.

The reason I have suggested a Global Labor Treaty is because it changes the dialog. (click here to sign)

It reins-in corporate abuses. It suggests a path to end oppression and exploitation. And it gives those at the bottom hope for the future, in a world that has left them destitute.

I authored the petition and designated as its target the Security Council at the United Nations because there needs to be a single point of accountability. Change will not come unless everyone - every state and every nation across the board and around the globe, is bound by the same rules.

People who have been oppressed and exploited have nothing to lose which leads to acts of desperation...acts, in fact, of terror. Economic Justice is a national/global issue because it is a root cause of discontent, unrest and untold suffering.

We have the ability to go in a new direction. To affect change. To apply pressure.

Those who mock the Occupy Wall Street movement might do well to remember that Jesus didn't just talk about change or tell parables about the rich not being able to get into heaven. He was an activist. He over-turned the money-changers' tables in the temple.

Well, Wall Street brokers and Ceos are the money-changers and humanity is the temple.

It's time to take activism to the global stage. It's time to stop Peace-Blocking the United Nations. It's time for us to walk the walk of democracy.

Think of the impact it will have on our children. To live in a world that is not based on talking peacefully, but acting aggressively.

Who knows, maybe we'll find that eliminating hypocrisy is the key to defusing aggression.

At least, that's the way it seems to me,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Suits (A Poem of Modern Empire)

Monarchs didn’t have to bloody their hands to enrich themselves and the court of "noble" land owners that served them…they had armies and “explorers” for that.

The monarchs of today, which we refer to as Captains of Industry, enrich themselves through Ceos, shareholders and resource acquisition which they call "wars on terror"…and the courts that serve them are world governments.

Charities only give back a fraction of what should not have been taken in the first place. If you want to change the world. Change the way business is done.



( A Poem of Modern Empire)

Soaked in indigenous blood

Perfect in cut
Ultimate in luxury
Prototypes of the latest fashion

Arm-candy spouses mill about
forgotten, vestigial organs
organizing charities -
necessary P.R. for
The Man who
takes everything

Plastic, public smiles
of the stables of young flesh
housed nearby
for the exclusive use of
their conquerors

Marbled walls
flanked with official portraits
in the hallowed halls of


Monday, October 3, 2011

We Can Make Single Payer Health Care Happen NOW!!

The cost of our health care system is bankrupting America, even though there is an easy fix.

Health Insurance shareholders spend obscene amounts of money to propagate the myth, through print media and talking heads, that Single Payer Health Care is bad for us, and bad for the nation.

They are not just wrong. They are willfully wrong. In short, they are greedy.

20 years ago, Gore Vidal called Health Insurance companies "Piggy Banks for the Rich".

Insurance companies pit workers and employers against each other then benefit as the two sides destroy each other in the fray.

The dilemma is this:

Employers insist paying benefits cuts into their profits, so they won't hire workers until they break the unions.

Workers need jobs with decent salaries in order to raise their families and put food on the table, so they strike.

Everybody loses.

I think there is a simple and obvious solution:


I know, DUH, right? But why don't employers and workers march together for Single Payer Health Care?!

After decades of strife, they would finally get to be on the same side - standing together for the greater good, instead of doggedly occupying opposite sides of the table.

We are used to seeing CORPORATIONS as the enemy (which they are, while they are crunching numbers by crushing people) but Single Payer Health Care is something BOTH sides benefit from!

The only people who lose are the shareholders of health care companies - you know, the ones making billions, even trillions off of everyone else's misery.

Professor Margaret Flowers of Stanford University has put together an October2011 Movement in Washington D.C. (that coincides with the 10 year anniversary of the War in Afghanistan) to address national moral issues and bankrupting factors such as the Wars in the Middle-East and the lack of a Single Payer Health Care plan.

Margaret and I have corresponded via email and I suggested she call together as many manufacturing entities that she can contact, corporations that could be getting people back to work, and ask them to join her in Freedom Square on October 6th!!!

I hope anyone interested in moving the country forward and out of debt will check out her movement at http://october2011.org - along with the OccupyTogether Movement which Margaret has provided a link for.

At least, that's the way it seems to me,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Anonymous - A Voice For the Faceless


My face evokes
no shadow spark
of distant

No instant
recognition of status
fixing my place
in the teeming pack

My name
carries with it
no history of
ancestral battles
won, or lost

I have only myself…

abandoned to posterity
thoughts shared
amongst strangers

beneath my cloak


Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to End Corporatocracy

We should start at the root of the problem. What has everybody up in arms around the globe right now? INEQUALITY. Lack of representation, lack of labor and lack of fair compensation.

There is a simple little truth that the super wealthy don't want us to look at. PROFIT comes from somewhere. The under-paid worker, the over-charged consumer or stolen resources from weaker nations.

I propose we enact a Global Labor Treaty for Sustainable Wages. A Global Labor Treaty would close the loop-holes that make it profitable for corporations to off-shore jobs, busting unions in the process.

A sustainable wage would allow vulnerable countries to feed their families, build infrastructure and retain the resources they need to create stability reducing their need for aid. Not only would this treaty end slave labor, but it would strengthen unions here at home.

Please take a moment to sign my petition to the U.N. for a Global Labor Treaty - it'll only take a second:) 


As far as voting goes, maybe waiting every four years to vote for candidates already bought and paid for isn't the best use of our energies. Corporations have the game sewn up. But they're not all-powerful. They need PROFIT to survive. PROFIT to influence politicians, to live in luxury and to buy sports stadiums.

PROFIT that comes from the labor and consumerism of the masses.

Organized Consumerism will affect the markets and will, therefore, get their attention. It's our job to be the checks and balances to their global control.


And, for inspiration a protest/solidarity song called, "The Tide". "The Tide" because that's what people become when they refuse to have their human rights denied.


Getting to a point where whole nations are not in danger of starvation or annihilation should be our goal, shouldn't it?

What harm could a little good will do?

At least, that's the way it seems to me,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Call To Intellectuals And Activists - The People Of The World Need A Unified Body Of Advanced Thought

My name is Sharee Anne Gorman.

I am a cyberpoet who goes by the name annienomad-cyberpoet.

I've been feeling pretty disheartened lately...but I had a thought:

If intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky, Dean Baker, Michael Hudson and activists like Ralph Nader, Michael Moore, Naomi Klein and others were to come together as a body to inform the citizens of the world of their true potential as a united front, I think people would listen to them.

A group/committee such as this, a non-party affiliated group, that has dedicated their lives to exposing misinformation and speaking truth to power, would have nothing to gain by lying to the people.

And let me tell you, though I'm sure you already know...people are tired of being lied to...tired of being fooled...tired at being at odds over false and deliberately misleading "information".

They need real information from a unified source. There must be some way to get caring, angry, confused and desperate-for-real-information citizens on the same page - A Same Page World Forum.

People could pose questions to The Same Page Forum. They could address issues like,

"Does voting still work?"

Seeing that it takes over a billion dollars to run for president, it is clear that candidates will only "promise" to serve the will of the people...as their first priority will be to serve power in the hopes of staying in power - which, of course, makes voting a depressing and pointless pantomime.

Since the emergence of global corporate entities, democracy is no longer democracy (or maybe it never was). There is no effective legal body to limit the power and control of multi-nationals. Armies serve the powerful, making the world safe for neo-liberalism, and widening the gap between rich and poor.

Evolution requires that when an old paradigm is no longer working, a new paradigm must emerge to take its place. We need a global form of democracy to match the globalization of power.

Here would be my suggestion:

Organized Consumerism...citizens who want a hand in their own future need to concentrate on Profit.

Changing quarterly profits, to be specific...just a point or two will cause CEOs and shareholders to take notice - and the average world citizen would suddenly have the undivided attention of the top 1%.

Perhaps if  people came to understand that corporate entities only understand the language of commerce, then they would see that their political leverage is as a Consumer, rather than a Voter. And there would be a fairly decent chance at establishing a balance of power. The power to stop corporate abuses, be they environmental or labor/wage related, would suddenly be a possibility rather than a distant and unattainable hope.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for the sacrifices you make to help inform others,

Sharee Anne Gorman

Monday, July 11, 2011

Open Letter to John Boehner - Speaker of The House

Dear Mr. Speaker,

The top 1% are richer than they've ever been and paying less taxes than they've ever paid. Wealth, privilege and power have never been so concentrated.

It takes over a billion dollars to run for the White House...

So, it is in all sincerity that I say this - I fear for the future of the elective political process, in that well-intentioned, lawmakers have their hands tied by the corporate, monied-elite and their lobbyists.

It may be time for a reinvention of our citizen participation in restoring the balance of power that was lost when extreme wealth became the ultimate aspiration of our nation.

The avarice and corruption that has been unleashed on the global, political and social landscape, at the cost of everyday citizens here at home and on the backs of the vulnerable around the world can not sustain.

You have lost your way. And you have taken us with you.

Thank you for your time,

Sharee Anne Gorman

Copy: sent to the White House.

"The Tide" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2Rm9uX9sPA is a protest/solidarity song about jobs, unions, wall street accountability and the on-going fight for democracy, here and abroad.

It is my attempt to bring people to the same page, emotionally.  

Whereas, http://1world1wage.org is my attempt to bring people to the same page, logically. 

If citizens around the world were to adopt a Global Labor Treaty, we could end the corporate strategy of off-shoring operations to third world countries in order to maximize shareholder profits...and, of course, stop the on-going assault against unions.

A Global Labor Treaty would also end the ability for any corporate entity to extort the co-operation of unprotected workers around the globe, or to hold local states hostage with the threat of removing industry from their communities in favor of more "business friendly" environs.

http://theconsumerparty.org offers a supplemental/alternative to waiting every four years to be lied to…in the form of Organized Consumerism.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Tide - Protest Song About Jobs, Civil Rights and...Justice For All!!

Much has been said in the media recently about, "The Arab Spring". I have been following events in North Africa and the Middle-East with much hope, concern and some horror at the price brave citizens have had to pay in order to address the unendurable realities of oppression.

I have watched in awe as wave after wave of citizens took to the streets, armed only with determination and courage in the face of great odds. Citizens fresh from prayers, and with much to lose. Understandably, I find myself muttering under my breath, "God, please hear them. Please keep them safe."

But SHOTS ring out anyway.

I pace my apartment trying to press the images from my eyes, but know that I can't because that would be to ignore the sacrifice I just witnessed. A sacrifice caught on film and offered to the world as witness to an endless struggle. The struggle to make "The Rich" understand that power, control and oppression - through military or economic means, has its consequences.

Citizens are rising up around the globe taking on issues such as corporate maleficence, market fraud, living wages, workers' rights, gender equality and the right to live in a free and open society.

And I think:

"We're so close. We're so close to all of us coming together...to all of us being on the same page...to lifting our voices as One as we realize that, "Hey, we're all in this together."

So, I wrote a song called..."The Tide".

It is a protest song. A song of peaceful revolution and empowerment. A song about the growing global movement of citizen awareness and an emerging solidarity. A song that I hope will, in some small way, help to grow "The Arab Spring" into a "Global Tide".


Friday, April 15, 2011

Democracy 101 - Vlog (w/song)

I decided to do a Vlog today insead of a blog because I wanted to share a little song to emphasize my point about simplicity being the heart of intention and shared action.

I haven't sung for anyone in a long time so my voice is shaky and timid but I think the point still comes across.


At least, that's the way it seems to me,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Mr. President - An Open Letter to The President of The United States of America

Nuclear Energy's Single Point Of Vulnerability...YOU!

Dear Mr. President,

A nuclear reactor is a little bit like the massive "Death Star" from "Star Wars". Hulking. Imposing. Impenetrable.

But despite its seeming in-destructibility, there exists a flaw in virtually every system which engineers refer to as the "single point of vulnerability". A vulnerability that, as with the “Death Star”, once activated will collapse the fa├žade of any given structure or facility, including a nuclear reactor.

But, unlike "Stars Wars", the collapse of a nuclear reactor takes place in real life, with real people, placing real future generations at risk.

The only upside to such a cataclysmic collapse is that finally the debate has been settled.

It is only then that the obstinate claims of invulnerability, the delusional dreams of infallibility and the insane illusion that nuclear energy is (by any means) sane - are suddenly seen exactly for what they are…lies.

By then, of course, it’s too late. A nuclear incident is one of those bells we can’t un-ring.

For Japan, that “single point of vulnerability” was the unforeseeable earthquake that struck Fukushima on 3/11/11 and the subsequent tsunami that unleashed an unstoppable wall of seawater, knocking out the emergency back-up engines needed to replace any loss of water to the six (count them, six!) nuclear reactors lining Japan’s Pacific Coast.

And why does Japan have so many nuclear plants? Because we forced their government to build them.

It’s not an easy thing to look at but while we may have entered the fray of World War II as heroes, with many sacrifices made by families here at home and by young soldiers abroad, we emerged as dominators and spreaders of empire – partly due to our military planners’ willingness to unleash an unconscionable weapon of mass destruction.

I’ve heard the repeated justification, “Truman dropped the bomb to save American lives”.

But the people who dedicated themselves to building the A-Bomb, the scientists and engineers who designed it, made a simple and modest suggestion - demonstrate it first!

A demonstration would have saved lives and stopped the war...without the massive loss of life, limb and ecosphere that resulted from the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Nuclear energy is a relic of, what should by now be, our species' murderous past. It is the by-product of an insane race to be the first nation to develop a technology with the power to destroy all of mankind. Seeming rational human beings from countries all over the planet participated in a race to devise mankind’s “ultimate weapon”.

And we “won”. Yay??

But with this new technology in hand to wield as we saw fit, we turned into one of the biggest bullies on the planet, cleverly disguised as “liberators”.

Perhaps anyone would have. After all, that seems to be the nature of absolute power. It corrupts absolutely.

Why else would we sell and develop an energy source with the capability to destroy everything in its wake? Why else would seeming rational human beings cross the bounds of humanity and sends us careening into the void?

Greed, profit, control and domination.

Surprised by their own hubris at developing this diabolical technology, even the scientists and engineers who developed Nuclear technology wished they had never uncorked that particular Genie from the Alchemist's bottle. 

In 1945, once adrenaline from the race to beat Hitler to "the Bomb" had subsided, everyone remotely connected to the project signed a petition to warn current and future leaders that power this destructive, this unstable, could not be trusted to, or wielded by the imperfect hands of Man.

Originally, the petition only went so far as to suggest massive oversight and regulation by governments and their engineers - but later scientists, humanitarians and philosophers emphatically suggested abandoning nuclear technology altogether.

And I have to agree.

I don't need to provide charts, mathematics or theories to make my case against Nuclear Technology. Data has been manipulated for decades to make a case for Nuclear Energy and the only thing those numbers have proven to me is that numbers can be crunched to argue in defense of insanity.

Numbers can distract us from the inarguable fact that even if production went perfectly well, with no hitch-ups or accidents and everything proceeded according to plan – we still have to deal with the toxic by-product of this "clean", "cheap" and (laughably) “green energy”. 

Even if hazmat-suit-clad workers manage to get through enrichment and production unharmed, they are still forced to stock-pile a poison so toxic and so destructive that the merest exposure to it will kill every living thing in its path.

And there are certainly no guarantees that things will go according to plan.

Just ask the people of Mayak, Russia who are dying of cancer at unprecedented rates.

The children of Mayak are still being born with birth-defects unparalleled by any other region save Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even though their "safe" nuclear facility had a "minor nuclear incident" all the way back in 1957.

What happened to humanity that we humans could have strayed so far from our best ideals?

I look back at the history of our most admired leaders and I see a pattern of partnership between those leaders and their life mates. A relationship that kept them connected to the people, the land, our friends and our legacy.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had Eleanor who brought his attention to the suffering of the poor and less fortunate when she showed him the slums of east New York. Then, later, advocated for the civil and social programs that helped raise America out of one of her darkest hours, the Great Depression.

John F. Kennedy had Jackie who inspired and nurtured his humanity through the arts and encouraged him to advocate our aspirations to seek a world beyond ourselves…a chance for us to understand our place in the larger scheme of creation. Whether that creation be accident, or by design…intelligent, or otherwise.

You, Mr. President, have Michelle. She is strong, wise and clearly a formidable ally. I applaud her fight against childhood obesity and her advocacy for healthy, organic foods.

But what is the use of planting an organic garden if the future of our soil is left to the mercy of a mega-poisonous corporation like Monsanto, or could be made toxic at any moment by the fall-out of an unforeseen nuclear accident?

Investors who have a financial stake (a multi-trillion dollar stake) always say of nuclear accidents, "It can't happen here".  

Well, that's what Russia thought. And, clearly, that’s what Fukushima thought, too.

Mr. President, your political career was forged in Illinois…the state with the highest nuclear reactor count (11!) in the union. Maybe that isn’t a coincidence. Perhaps you were chosen to address this atrocious lapse in judgment?

You don't have to cater to Corporate America, Mr. President.

Citizen-awareness is increasing around the globe and the tide is shifting back toward sanity after a very long period of unchecked greed.

You were lifted into office by a mandate from the people to restore hope and lead us back to justice and equality…but that is not what has happened.

Time after time, you have sided with big banks, big business and Wall Street at the cost of the American people (not to mention the far-reaching global externalities).

But perhaps it is not too late. Maybe can still turn things around. Maybe we can still chart a course back to the land of common sense and common ground.

Many former presidents have spoken of a "shining city on a hill"…by which, I don't think they meant the warm glow of nuclear fall-out.

Those men were referring to Camelot, the shining example of an ideal by which Humankind could chart their sometimes dark, sometimes joyous, but always challenging course.

Toward the end of his reign, Arthur had lost his way but in his search for the Holy Grail (and with it his redemption) he was reminded of the very principle upon which Camelot was founded...the land and the King are ONE.

We, the people, are the land, Mr. President. If you poison the land with nuclear technology. You poison us.

Unlimited energy is swirling around us in the form of wind, sun, hydro and thermal units just waiting to be harnessed and captured through human genius and innovation.

They are nature’s gifts. They are ours to share. And they are the key to a new era of peace…and a return to sanity.

People around the world are dying because unscrupulous people have locked the world into fossil fuels. Whole generations are dying because of greed. And it is completely unnecessary.

Renewable energy is the Elixir that will heal the land, Mr. President. And it is the Elixir that will redeem the King.

We are your “Holy Grail”, Mr. President…and you are ours.

At least, that's the way it seems to me.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moving Beyond Tahrir Square - Carrying the Torch Forward To A Global Labor Treaty

Democracy and Regime Change were the goals of the Tunisian and Egyptian demonstrations, but labor is the spark that ignited that flame.

Whether it is a Global Labor Treaty such as the one I initiated at 1world1wage.org (which was signed by some of the Cairo protesters I was very pleased to discover) or an International Labor Summit, I think it is clear that big changes are headed our way internationally and the foundation of that change will be job and wage stability.

And about time I say! Up with the People! Up with Democracy!

May there be more Wael Ghonim's in the world. More Voices to remind us that -We, the people, are part of the balance of power and without us the Will to Power goes unchecked.

Larger, stronger nations have been preying upon weaker nations since armies first invaded neighboring lands, sea-worthy vessels were constructed and puppet governments erected to serve an outside power rather than the needs of their own people.

Slavery. Oppression. Deliberate fanning of the flames of instability so that resources can be stolen for pennies. These ills. These dirty tricks. These corrupt, but time-tested tactics, are still at work in the world today. But, with brave, consistent, mindful attention and abject refusal to turn a blind eye...their days are numbered.

In this era of media, with a camera in every corner of the world, the rich, the elite, the top 1% can no longer hide or justify their foreign (and more recently, their domestic) financial policy of: everything for the landowners/shareholders and nothing but crumbs for the people.

Sign the Global Labor Treaty Petition and help carry the torch forward.

Comes The Light :


Or, at least, that's the way it seems to me,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Democracy or Bust - Staring Down the Tanks

Tanks and armed personnel vehicles are rolling into Egypt and I am struck with renewed wonder of how intrinsic friends and family are to the process of Democracy. Nervously watching the faces of soldiers waiting to be given the order to fire upon their own people, I cry with joy when I see their reluctance and quietly cheer as young men, with weapons of destruction at their disposal, stand-down and accept the hugs and kisses of their fellow countrymen.

I hope it stands. This loyalty. This knowledge that to destroy your own people is the end of humanity.

My hope is that all parents, everywhere, realize you don't let your children grow up to be soldiers without first teaching them that when democracy "hits the fan" and you have a choice between serving a corrupted political body and an oppressed people - you side with the people.

Because, yes, in theory, democracy is a government by and for the people. (rueful smile).  But when that government becomes deaf to the will of the people how do concerned, angry, disheartened citizens make themselves heard?

We can write letters. We can make phone calls. We can sign petitions :) But the real measure of a government's ability to hear, to listen and to respond is measured in the streets. Demarcations of sons and daughters, of parents and guardians, of the elderly and the yet to be born.

Only then are grievances addressed. Only then do politicians stop politicizing and start negotiating.

Democracy isn't hiring the guy with the deepest pockets and the best sounding promises. True democracy is paying attention to the state of the union, being aware of what needs to come next and acting in unison to hold powerful people, and the institutions they embody, in check.

Only now, with a camera in every corner of the globe, can we see that this is a global crisis. The Restless Many becoming Fed-up with the Prosperous Few - to paraphrase the title of Noam Chomsky's book "The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many".

Whole countries and populations are at risk of starvation while massive amounts of money are being siphoned from the bottom of the pyramid (the masses) and redistributed to the top of the pyramid (the prosperous few) through various means of business and investment shenanigans, all the while, justified by very intelligent people in very expensive suits.

The Will To Power. It is our job, as voters, as world-citizens, to be a stop-gap to that impulse. The impulse to take land, labor or mineral resource without regard to consequence for those who fall beneath a certain median on the ladder of status and influence.

It won't be easy but we can see that it has already started.

I believe this is only the beginning. I believe this movement, this moment, crosses all cultural and religious boundaries. I believe that each government is going to have to reconcile the needs of its struggling people and the avarice of its richest citizens and institutions.

Or, at least, that's the way it seems to me,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shut in No More - Why I Created 1world1wage.org

As President Obama prepares for his State of the Union address I don't think anyone would be too surprised to find that the focus of his speech will be centered on the need to get Americans back to work. I suspect the unofficial title reads something like, "Jobs. Jobs. Jobs". Though, if James Carville had his way there would probably be a massive banner hanging in Congress that simply reads: "It's the Unemployment, stupid".

Get people back to work and the rest will follow. It sounds so simple, yet much of the anger in this country and around the globe centers on the very real shortage of gainful employment. The inability for people to feed their families, provide shelter, health-care and a decent education for their loved-ones.

What happened to our ability to successfully employ our citizenry? Was it the closing of factories and reopening them in third world countries for cheaper labor and even cheaper materials? The loss of manufacturing industries? Importing more than we export? Market bubbles produced by fraudulent corporate shenanigans designed to hide our lack of economic stability? Or, is it a lack of innovation and initiative in moving ourselves into the next era of energy collection, storage and utilization for fear of losing our strong-hold in a carbon driven global market?

I think most people would agree the answer to all, or most, of those questions would have to be "yes". The underlying factor of our woes ("our", meaning the teaming masses) is "Profit Over People"...crunching numbers and crushing people in the process.

Oil, because it is finite, dwindling and stone-age, means destabilization and war. Solar, wind and thermal, because they are all renewable, in need of creative solutions and forward thinking, means jobs and innovation which provides a path to Peace.

But jobs will not lead to Peace unless there is a foundation of justice for the labor force. An agreement to ensure that all workers have the ability to support their families and build infrastructure in their communities. The right to a Universal Living Wage.

The biggest argument for giving in to corporate pressure is the oft-heard excuse that we have to make our state and nation business-friendly or corporations will simply take their business elsewhere. But what if they couldn't?

What if corporations were bound by good neighbor laws? The basic understanding that you can't rape a community for profit then simply move on to the next town. What if we take away that "next town"?

That is the idea...the hope...the dream behind 1world1wage.org - that we are all in this together and it's about time we act on that truism.

At least, that's the way it seems to me,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

China - by annienomad - cyberpoet

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago and I thought it might be an appropriate post in honor of President Jintao's visit.

Please try and look past my demeanor in this video. I'm not sure if my camera is working and my nervousness sometimes causes me to lose the lower register in my voice. I cringe a little every time I watch it but I really do like (and am sincere about) the sentiment.

I know not everyone will agree with my point of view on this matter but I respect their right to disagree:)

At least, that's the way it seems to me,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MLK Jr. - Reflecting On A Day Of Reflection

Surfing channels, watching the one or two minute segments allotted for remembrance and reflection on Martin Luther King Day, I was struck by the lack of in-depth analysis and discussion of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's message - but it wasn't until I tuned into “Democracy Now” that I realized just how shallow and surface the discussion of his message is routinely handled in mainstream media.

Most of us are familiar with, awed by and stand humbled before Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech, delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. It is an historic miracle of oration delivered to a sea of hopeful, determined American citizens who not only shared in that dream but who were willing to use their minds, bodies and voices to bring that dream to fruition….the dream of freedom and justice for all Americans.
Theirs was the dream of civil rights, realized. And Dr. King  accomplished much in bringing that message to the hearts and minds of citizens of every race and creed across America.

But few of us seem to be aware of Martin Luther King Jr - the sharp anti-war critic.
I had mostly heard his call to non-violence in the context of civil rights for minorities and his challenge to those who would call themselves morally superior, even while keeping a race oppressed, disenfranchised and drowning in poverty.
I had heard him challenge the powers that be…the men and women who stand against change and for the status quo, the ones who were willing to bloody peaceful, unarmed, demonstrators marching for the very Christ-like value of equality and justice, regardless of race or culture. But I had never heard Dr. King's "Beyond Vietnam" speech before. Well, maybe short excerpts, but a large comprehensive chunk of it? No. Not until last night when Amy Goodman, anchor and creator of  “Democracy Now”, devoted most of yesterday's broadcast to that amazing indictment of a super-power gone wrong.

His speech is moving, it is clear-eyed, it is brave. "Beyond Vietnam" should be used by teachers everywhere – in grade school, high school and institutions of higher education as a model for "Speaking Truth To Power". 

Dr. King famously said, “An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere”.  Which makes speaking truth to power a necessary and obligatory checks and balances for all democratic societies, or any voluntary association to function properly and sustain its integrity.  
Yes, hierarchy is more expedient. It is more efficient at maintaining control, but it also pushes all entitlements to the top, assumes all ownership of ideas and innovations of those under their command and is therefore a structure deliberately purposed for theft.     
Which is what the dream of America has become. It is a terrible thing to watch a person or a country you love lose their way, it’s kind of like watching a Super-Hero turn Evil. It feels like you've lost a piece of yourself, or a large piece of you has died. Especially, when that Hero or loved one, suddenly sees you and your challenge of their value shift as a thing to be silenced, or destroyed.

There is a great fear among the rich that if they bend toward actual justice, a restructuring of the way business is done in the world, kind of justice…they will lose their privilege, their carefully strategized advantage. Classism is the foundation of enslavement - keep a people down and they will do anything to survive, including clean your house and pick your cotton.
The Fear of Change - that is the evil that Martin Luther King Jr, his family, and his community of supporters had to live under and struggle through. That was the artillery leveled against his message. And eventually, that was the ordnance that found its mark.
But while that fear may have ended the man's life…it could not silence his message. Nor could it stop the momentum of self-examination and self-realization that his message set in motion – the very heart and seed of Change.

Here is the link to yesterday's broadcast for those of you who haven't heard the speech. Con-sidering the current rumors of war being floated around the country regarding Syria, and then later Iran...I highly recommend it. http://www.democracynow.org/2011/1/17/special_dr_martin_luther_king_jr

At least, that's the way it seems to me,

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organizing The (Global) Garage

Staring into the vast landscape of a chaotic, upended mass of human folly, confusion, enterprise-gone-terribly-wrong or simply unchecked - I find myself wondering...hmm, where to start?

If we remove the wrong piece the whole thing could collapse. And even if we manage to lay it all out so that we can survey the remnants of a sometimes brilliant/sometimes shameful evolutionary history to view the evidence of where we've been, what we've accomplished and much of what we've forgotten, how could we possibly devise a plan or structure to accommodate all areas of endeavor?

We live in such a fragmented world on the ground, yet to view Earth from a distance we are a whole.

How do we come together?

There are many worthy, sincere movements underway (I've started a few myself) and some progress is evident but we are still divided. We are scattered and divisive. We are confused and our confusion spills out in violence.

We need to simplify. The essence of organization is simplification - this goes over here, that goes over there, we need a special shelf for this and this we don't need any more so let's throw it out. Which is fine for organizing material goods but what about people? There has already been enough division of peoples based on color, culture, gender and status.

I believe the basis for organizing people is justice. A foundation of civil rights and equality - not just for our own group, not just for our own country, not just for our own gender. Universal Rights.

What do I mean by Universal Rights? I mean no entity - personal, governmental or corporate has the right to subject any individual or group to conditions that undermines their health, physical freedom or right to express their ideas in an open forum.

Sounds simple, I know, but it's amazing to me how far afield we can stray from such a basic idea. Assumptions, justifications, rationales and deliberate misdirection make such a reality possible.

Deliberate misdirection? Yes. Much of the history of mankind is conquest. Whether it is the conquering of an outside entity or the oppression of one's own people, history is a record of the ambitious and greedy mapping out a plan for grabbing territory and resource while devising believable justifications for implementing such plans.

This plan only works, however, as long as people blindly follow the official story of authority. In other words, PR. Public Relations is the new propaganda -whether "left" or "right".

Patriotism, Religion, Party Politics - these cultural tools are often used to actively cultivate fear of an outside force, whether foreign or domestic, in order to influence the perception of the masses. They deliberately manufacture enemies. They can always find an enemy. After all, you poke someone long enough behind the scenes and they will lash out - then you can condemn the lashing out and do what you already wanted to do, which is to justify your oppression of them and/or occupy their land.

Who else but the unsuspecting would offer up their children for battle if the only reason for blood-shed is monetary gain for the top 1% in the world? No one would.

So again I say, Universal Rights - fair treatment of citizens and workers globally. No country should be able to oppress another country in order to enrich its own people (War) and no class should be able to dupe its citizens into a massive transfer of wealth (Wall Street).

Wherever there is extreme poverty there is corruption or the after-effects of extreme abuse - such as the case in Haiti which suffered at the hands of the French. Mexico and South America, which suffered at the hands of the United States. Or Africa and India, which suffered dearly at the hands of the English, etc.

Lets organize our thinking. Lets organize our humanity. Lets organize our vision.

Lets put everything in its place so we can see where we stand and create a clear space in which we can all work together, unobstructed, to build more aware and meaningful lives.

Or, at least, that's the way it seems to me,

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Watchful Eye - The Satellite Sentinel Project

Sudan, one of Africa's largest nations, is at a crossroads. In just two days, January 9th, north and south will vote on a referendum that will determine whether or not Sudan will stay united or split into two separate countries.

We are witnessing, what could possibly be, the birth of a nation and like worried  family members we are pacing the waiting-room floor praying for celebratory news. But there is much reason for concern, as this has been predicted to be a difficult birth.

I've been in a quandary myself as I (a citizen of the United States with no personal vested interest other than I would dearly love to see a continent wracked with pain and suffering emerge triumphant out of a long and treacherous night of a collective soul) grapple with the question of whether or not separation is the best way forward. As, I imagine, everyone involved in this decision, this hope, this act of faith has grappled...far more than I.

I've wondered what would've happened to America if the south had seceded from the north. Would America have survived? Lincoln didn't think so. The official story is that the Civil War was fought over slavery, which it was, but it was also fought to keep the south from seceding and taking most of the maritime ports with it. It was about commerce. It's always about commerce.

The difference between America's civil war and Sudan's civil war was that America as a nation was working. To divide the Union would have destroyed the balance of power between the industrialized north and the agricultural south.

This is not, I believe, the case in Sudan. There is no balance of power. The developed north ruthlessly dominates the rural south even though the south has rich oil reserves which should give them some leverage in negotiating with the north. This will not be the case, however, if the south can not get out from under the boot of its northern brothers.

Which brings us to the referendum - a moment fraught with extreme danger. The danger of war. The danger of genocide. The danger of continued injustice and unimaginable acts of inhumanity.

And this is where the Satellite Sentinel Project comes in. The Satellite Sentinel Project, a joint effort funded and sponsored by the Enough Project, Not On Our Watch, Harvard University, Trellon and Google has put an eye in the sky over Sudan.

John Prendergast, co-founder of Enough! and George Clooney, one of the co-founders of Not On Our Watch, have been working tirelessly to shine a light on Sudan for several years now. Knowing that most atrocities occur while no one is paying attention they have spearheaded a plan to help prevent the very real and imminent threat of a bloody massacre before, during, and immediately following the aftermath of the referendum using the latest technology in global surveillance.

A Watchful Eye. Is it troops on the ground? No. But a watchful eye, by way of shocking and heartbreaking media images, eventually helped bring about a Civil Rights movement in America. A watchful eye beaming images of death and destruction the likes of which only the eyes of soldiers had ever before witnessed eventually helped end the Vietnam War.

Perhaps we could stand to lose the "eventually". Perhaps with the hindsight of history we can embrace the foresight of  lessons that should have been learned by now. We can't afford to look away as a nation but more importantly we can't afford to look away as a species.

I understand that politics is "complicated". That the question of commerce will always be a factor. But I also understand that for any hope of justice there must be a balance of power. Between right and left, between rich and poor, between right and wrong.

So let's be watchful,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boehner and his Big Gavel...

I have been feeling for sometime now that it is a testament to effective mind-control that all media outlets, including radio/television/online rants etc., consistently refer to former House Republican Majority Leader John Boehner (now the House Speaker) as "Bay-ner" rather than "Boner", which is what the spelling of his name would imply. (Even spell-check thinks so...go ahead spell-check his name.)

Well, today I feel that observation was somewhat justified when Nancy Pelosi handed over the House Speaker gavel to the new House Speaker Boehner. Apparently, it was the "largest" gavel in the House, which Nancy took the time to point out, was at his expressed request.

I guess Boehner's not-so-subtle message is that Congress has its "wood" back.

On a much sadder note...musician Gerry Rafferty died Tuesday at the age of 63. He was the author of two of my favorite songs, "The Right Moment" and "Stuck In The Middle With You", the listening of which Tarantino altered forever in the wrenching scene from his 1992 film "Reservoir Dogs".

Gerry's talent will be sorely missed.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knock...Knock...Who's There?... Me!


Today is January 4, 2011 and this is my first blog entry. So let me introduce myself. My name is sharee anne gorman also known as annienomad - cyberpoet in some parts.

I have several areas of interest and thought starting a blog might be a good way to sort of bring them all together under one roof, so to speak.

I don't want to take over the world. I just want what I think most of us want - a little corner that we can call our own. A place where we can be ourselves, think our own thoughts, have meaningful conversations and share our insights in an artistic, thoughtful way...in a form or forum that we can be proud of.

Today is about introductions so feel free to look around. Check out my links. See if you find anything that rings a bell of mutual interest or inspires thought.

And I'll see you in cyberspace,