Monday, June 19, 2017

We (Confessions Of An Empire) Club Trance Mix by annienomad~cyberpoet

We - Confessions Of An Empire the trance club mix
for Critical Thinkers.

If we are to evolve as a species we must question our "leaders" because the world is quickly distilling down into this simple business formula: "Looting...and lies to cover looting."

I believe humans developed higher brain functions for a reason. Not just to survive, but to understand our actions in a conscious CHOOSE. Will "WE" choose global cooperation? Or, continue down the path of domination and ultimate decline?

Speak the truth...even if your voice shakes.

Taking my protest poetry from the page to the dance floor.


Be part of the solution!
Raise up the poor *AND* stop corporate/shareholder abuses against workers around the world with Global Living Wages. We can CHOOSE a different reality!

At least, that's the way it seems to me,
Sharee Anne Gorman