Sunday, March 18, 2012

Syria is Dying - A Poem to World Leaders


by Sharee Anne Gorman

Syria is dying.
Her cries falling on
prime-time deadened ears.
Her murder witnessed
with eyes made callous
by simulated death
and hearts grown shallow
by the manufactured drama
of groveling contestants
chasing dreams of
fleeting stardom.

Syria is dying.
Media and merchants all culpable,
 for their mindless pursuit
of advertising opportunities
while a country burns.

Her cities sacked.
Her families crushed.
Her ancient blood-lines

Syria is dying.
Buildings and bodies
reduced to rubble.
What is not initially broken
is left to starve.

Can someone please
tell me,
what does it benefit a ruler
if his throne is dipped in Gold
but his kingdom runs with blood?

social poet

I look at the world and I'm afraid there are no more Leaders of Conscience...just self-serving politicians, serving self-serving business men. Both camps addicted to winning. Neither side considering the consequences.