Friday, March 3, 2017

Propaganda On Crack

The Dangers of A"Reality TV" President:

We are hearing a lot about #fakenews these days but the problem isn't fake news...the problem is #fakereality. Everything we are told is designed to distract us from the institutionalized fleecing of the masses. Scandal + media = controlling, confusing and hijacking public discourse.

It's always been this way...but now we are witnessing an era of "propaganda on crack". We have a "reality tv" president and he knows how to create scandal and get ratings. We are fooled daily into political civil war between two opposing parties to hide and provide cover for all the great crimes behind the ill-gained fortunes of corrupt men (to paraphrase Balzac).

If we continue to fall for these 50 year strategies and short-term distractions devised by geo-political and financial planners we are no better than frogs sitting in pots who don't feel the rising temperature until they're already cooked.

This article by world-renowned economist, Michael Hudson, lends some much needed clarity.

Friday, February 3, 2017

America Still On The Auction Block To Wall Street

The Corporate/Financial Coup of America Continues... 

Dear America,

If you're not're not paying attention. Trump is not disappointing the .01% who placed him in office.

Of course, it didn't start with Trump - Obama served, as did the Bushes, Clinton, Reagan and even mild-mannered Jimmy Carter. It's just that the looting is in full swing now with the "get away with anything President". They don't have to sugar-coat their plans any it's full speed ahead.

Here is an excerpt from "Wall Street On Parade" from Wall St. insider Pam Martens...

"Trump will continue the Orwellian reverse-speak of his campaign promises and do the opposite of what he promised. According to leaks to the financial media, Trump will today sign executive actions ordering swift reviews aimed at rolling back the feeble safeguards on Wall Street that currently exist while replacing them with — nothing. There has been no further word from Trump on bringing back the core principles of Glass-Steagall which would force the formal separation of banks holding taxpayer-backstopped insured deposits from the high-risk, derivatives-peddling, hedge-fund-financing investment banks..."

At least, that's the way it seems to me,

Sharee Anne Gorman

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Quick Litmus Test for Propaganda

So, you think you live in a democracy? 

Okay, America, let's forget for a moment that none of the exit polls matched the final tally for the 2016 Presidential election. Let's forget that the candidate who won this year's popular vote will not be serving in the White House come January. Let's forget that we pretty much all knew we lived in a Banana Republic back in the 2000 presidential election when the son of an ex-CIA head was put in office by the decision of the Florida supreme court where his brother was the sitting governor. 

Those points can be argued very unsatisfying results. So how do we proceed? The world is in free-fall: Brexit, the Middle East, the EU, austerity, market crashes, military coups, etc... 

Chaos seems to be closing in, not just for us, but for the world at large. What do we do? What can be done? Well, in order to pull out of the global tail-spin we're all in we're going to have to employ some serious Critical Thinking to accurately determine our circumstances.

How did we get into this mess? I believe it starts with propaganda. A lie. An institutionalized sanctioned theft, perpetrated on the many, for the benefit of a few. So, how do we determine our level of propaganda? Let's pick a simple example to determine whether or not we can place any stock in the integrity of a country we have been taught to love and honor. We want to believe we live in a democracy. We want to believe our leaders have the welfare of the people (at home and abroad) at heart...but we must never blindly assume that to be the case. 

Apple Inc is America's most successful company. Yet, the profits and success of Apple are based on slave pool labor, off-shored jobs, resources taken from vulnerable countries at under market value and the over-charging of its customers by way of exorbitant annual fleecing in order to keep up with ever-changing upgrades. Also, the personal computer was developed by taxpayer funding at MIT then privatized when it was handed over to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak - a business model of public funding leading to private profit. Which is not "free-enterprise". It's taxpayer subsidy, in other words, corporate welfare. This is an endless toll-booth model for consumer/taxpayers who have to pay out two or three different times...all while the rich get richer.

Apple is the opposite of what most citizens consider to be "American values". Yet, it is the shining example of the success and viability of Capitalism. We are propagandized daily into accepting what is demonstrably not true, then peer-pressured into to turning a blind eye to our own hypocrisy. 

The .01% bilk the working class then call it capitalism and the illusion of a democracy makes it seem as if we are choosing our fates when in reality we are complicit in our own enslavement, and sadly the enslavement of others.

There are more and probably better examples, obviously, but this was a small example of a vast disconnect. It seems as long as Steve Jobs gives an inspiring commencement speech he can go down in history as a capitalist hero...regardless of Apple's corporate crimes.

Much like the genocide that our Founding Fathers wrought while simultaneously composing the U.S. Constitution: proof that as long as you put together some pretty words (mostly borrowed from indigenous people and French philosophers) you can pretty much get away with anything.

Critical Thinking is a tool that can, if correctly applied, get us beyond the flowery (but meaningless) words that fool otherwise caring people into remaining complacent in the face of injustice. And that being the case, I suggest we start employing this tool, that is, if we hope to gain a modicum of social balance, integrity or economic justice in our currently not-so-bright future. 

At least, that's the way it seems to me,

Sharee Anne Gorman


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stopping Trump With Just One Meme...Not!

Time to learn a new phrase, kids! It's called...

The Extractor Class

The Extractor Class - #XtractorClass
You don't need to uncover layer after layer of deep, conspiracy-laden, historical documents to find out who is controlling the just need to follow the money.

The Extractor Class is not some dark secret society or hidden group running the world from an underground facility or a secure room.
It's a very OBVIOUS, public group
stealing all your sh*t.

The Extractor Class steals resources from vulnerable countries through militarism. They run an on-going con called Wall Street. They take the peoples' commons and sell it back to us. Or, they privatize tech that was developed by public taxes and...again, sell it back to us.

The #XtractorClass is a "toll-booth" society.

If you want to stop them it will require a
#globalsolidarity movement.

#Trump #Clinton #2016 #GlobalLaborTreatyforLivingWages #incomeinequality #XtractorClass

At least, that's the way it seems to me,

Sharee Anne Gorman

Watch my Occupy Wall Street Protest Song "The Tide"