Friday, October 17, 2014

Annienomad-Cyberpoet Opens A Shop

Annie Opens a Cafe Press Shop ~

Here is the link to my shop. There are screenshots of my multi-media poems and other designs that I created for Cafe Press. I hope you'll come by and have a look around.

Annie's Turning Up In Some Pretty Unexpected Places 

These Days 

"Vigil" Screenshot Sticker

"Vigil" Screenshot Coffee Mug
"We The People" Screenshot Throw Pillow
"We The People" Screenshot Lunch Tote
Annie Gets Her Caffeine On/Coffee Mug...etc.
"Vigil" Screenshots

"We The People" Lunch Tote...etc. Screenshots 

There are over a hundred items to choose from...
Have fun exploring!

And Now, For Something Completely Different! 

Remember...Vote Green! 

We Are The Change We Need!

Find Out Why Everyone Should Vote For the Green Party Here:


Green Party (It’s Ok To Be Party Curious) Coffee Mug

Green Party (Be Party Curious) Tote Bag

Green Party (It’s Ok To Be Party Curious) Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Green Party (It’s Ok To Be Party Curious) Lunch Tote

Be Party Curious Hooded Sweatshirt

I hope to bump into you wearing Annie on the street! That way the "nomad" in annienomad will be truly realized:)

Thank you!!

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