Monday, July 11, 2011

Open Letter to John Boehner - Speaker of The House

Dear Mr. Speaker,

The top 1% are richer than they've ever been and paying less taxes than they've ever paid. Wealth, privilege and power have never been so concentrated.

It takes over a billion dollars to run for the White House...

So, it is in all sincerity that I say this - I fear for the future of the elective political process, in that well-intentioned, lawmakers have their hands tied by the corporate, monied-elite and their lobbyists.

It may be time for a reinvention of our citizen participation in restoring the balance of power that was lost when extreme wealth became the ultimate aspiration of our nation.

The avarice and corruption that has been unleashed on the global, political and social landscape, at the cost of everyday citizens here at home and on the backs of the vulnerable around the world can not sustain.

You have lost your way. And you have taken us with you.

Thank you for your time,

Sharee Anne Gorman

Copy: sent to the White House.

"The Tide" is a protest/solidarity song about jobs, unions, wall street accountability and the on-going fight for democracy, here and abroad.

It is my attempt to bring people to the same page, emotionally.  

Whereas, is my attempt to bring people to the same page, logically. 

If citizens around the world were to adopt a Global Labor Treaty, we could end the corporate strategy of off-shoring operations to third world countries in order to maximize shareholder profits...and, of course, stop the on-going assault against unions.

A Global Labor Treaty would also end the ability for any corporate entity to extort the co-operation of unprotected workers around the globe, or to hold local states hostage with the threat of removing industry from their communities in favor of more "business friendly" environs. offers a supplemental/alternative to waiting every four years to be lied to…in the form of Organized Consumerism.