Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vigil - A Poem of American Crisis by Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad-cyberpoet)

A Poem of American Crisis
Written, Animated and Performed
Sharee Anne Gorman

This poem was written after the Sandy Hook Massacre
Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics at M.I.T. said of "Vigil - A Poem of American Crisis" "Moving and evocative. And so true." 
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"We The People" An Animated Poem by annienomad-cyberpoet

"We the People" is an alternative political campaign ad. It doesn't attack anyone or make just calls citizens to task for letting the greedy and the corrupt co-opt our democracy.

 Written, Animated and Performed by
Sharee Anne Gorman

A new world is possible! 

"The Game" Animated Poem by Social Poet Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad-cyberpoet)

"The Game" is a call for peace, an appeal for brotherhood over ideology and a reproach for those who have for centuries used cultural beliefs to divide and conquer the many, in order to benefit the few. 

The Game

Sharee Anne Gorman

"Comes The Light" by Animated Social Poet annienomad-cyberpoet

"annienomad-cyberpoet" itemizes the social ills paving the way for global unrest and advocates the growing anticipation of much needed change.

Comes the Light
A Personal Appeal:
Power is shifting.
People are rising.
Consciousness is emerging.
Let's work together to ensure that our revolution is a peaceful and intelligent one. 

Help raise up the most vulnerable among us,
while simultaneously, putting an end to global business policies
designed to starve people for greater profits.
A new world is possible. 
Identifying the root of economic inequality is the first step.
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Thank you,
Sharee Anne Gorman
Founder of Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages

 In association with Charter for Compassion.

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