Friday, March 3, 2017

Propaganda On Crack

The Dangers of A"Reality TV" President:

We are hearing a lot about #fakenews these days but the problem isn't fake news...the problem is #fakereality. Everything we are told is designed to distract us from the institutionalized fleecing of the masses. Scandal + media = controlling, confusing and hijacking public discourse.

It's always been this way...but now we are witnessing an era of "propaganda on crack". We have a "reality tv" president and he knows how to create scandal and get ratings. We are fooled daily into political civil war between two opposing parties to hide and provide cover for all the great crimes behind the ill-gained fortunes of corrupt men (to paraphrase Balzac).

If we continue to fall for these 50 year strategies and short-term distractions devised by geo-political and financial planners we are no better than frogs sitting in pots who don't feel the rising temperature until they're already cooked.

This article by world-renowned economist, Michael Hudson, lends some much needed clarity.