Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"China" A Poem of Partnership - USA and China Climate Change Partnership?


intuitive observers of one-ness
parents of music, language and arts

…ancient cultivators of enlightenment…

forgive us our tears
our ignorance
our confusion
forgive us our anger
our impatience
our protest

…we are of a different era…

we, who dare to preach
the slick of our rainbows
still floating in tidal pools

your descendants
your issue
your impetuous child
we have thrown our rebel tantrum
we have risked our mortal souls
heaven beckons us from chaos
from the brink of our undoing

…from the certainty of a global grave…

we respectfully remind you
of your ageless
mutually arising

taste carefully
the urgency of commerce
weigh judiciously
the opportunity of trade
consider wisely
the burden of lost time

let us gather our wills together
let us damn this toxic tide
let us nourish the mouths between us
and sever the bonds of distrust
our fates are bound
our promise untested

…let us conquer ourselves together…

Friday, October 17, 2014

Annienomad-Cyberpoet Opens A Shop

Annie Opens a Cafe Press Shop ~

Here is the link to my shop. There are screenshots of my multi-media poems and other designs that I created for Cafe Press. I hope you'll come by and have a look around.

Annie's Turning Up In Some Pretty Unexpected Places 

These Days 

"Vigil" Screenshot Sticker

"Vigil" Screenshot Coffee Mug
"We The People" Screenshot Throw Pillow
"We The People" Screenshot Lunch Tote
Annie Gets Her Caffeine On/Coffee Mug...etc.
"Vigil" Screenshots

"We The People" Lunch Tote...etc. Screenshots 

There are over a hundred items to choose from...
Have fun exploring!

And Now, For Something Completely Different! 

Remember...Vote Green! 

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Green Party (It’s Ok To Be Party Curious) Coffee Mug

Green Party (Be Party Curious) Tote Bag

Green Party (It’s Ok To Be Party Curious) Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Green Party (It’s Ok To Be Party Curious) Lunch Tote

Be Party Curious Hooded Sweatshirt

I hope to bump into you wearing Annie on the street! That way the "nomad" in annienomad will be truly realized:)

Thank you!!

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

The 1% Scrapbook - Memes from the One Percent created by annienomad-cyberpoet

The 1% Scrapbook

Page One

"Poor Is The New Brown"
by annienomad-cyberpoet

While the rich have always exploited the poor based on class status and regardless of color, the 1% now have an official name for it...Austerity.

Austerity is the means by which the IMF (acting as global Fuller Brush salesmen, going door-to-door in the EU convincing 1st world countries to reduce themselves to 3rd world status, via financial contracts) to further enrich the 1%.

My books may be purchased here:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vigil - A Poem of American Crisis by Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad-cyberpoet)

A Poem of American Crisis
Written, Animated and Performed
Sharee Anne Gorman

This poem was written after the Sandy Hook Massacre
Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics at M.I.T. said of "Vigil - A Poem of American Crisis" "Moving and evocative. And so true." 
 My books ay be purchased here:

"We The People" An Animated Poem by annienomad-cyberpoet

"We the People" is an alternative political campaign ad. It doesn't attack anyone or make just calls citizens to task for letting the greedy and the corrupt co-opt our democracy.

 Written, Animated and Performed by
Sharee Anne Gorman

A new world is possible! 

"The Game" Animated Poem by Social Poet Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad-cyberpoet)

"The Game" is a call for peace, an appeal for brotherhood over ideology and a reproach for those who have for centuries used cultural beliefs to divide and conquer the many, in order to benefit the few. 

The Game

Sharee Anne Gorman

"Comes The Light" by Animated Social Poet annienomad-cyberpoet

"annienomad-cyberpoet" itemizes the social ills paving the way for global unrest and advocates the growing anticipation of much needed change.

Comes the Light
A Personal Appeal:
Power is shifting.
People are rising.
Consciousness is emerging.
Let's work together to ensure that our revolution is a peaceful and intelligent one. 

Help raise up the most vulnerable among us,
while simultaneously, putting an end to global business policies
designed to starve people for greater profits.
A new world is possible. 
Identifying the root of economic inequality is the first step.
(Join Us! Like our page!)

Thank you,
Sharee Anne Gorman
Founder of Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages

 In association with Charter for Compassion.

 You can purchase my books here:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

REDACTED - A Novel in Progress by Sharee Anne Gorman



obscuring or removing
sensitive information
for publication or release;
broadly edited.


Chapter One


Obedience should not then be seen as an act of subjugation to authority, but rather a voluntary agreement between free individuals to ensure mutual survival through state-organized, collective co-operation. 
- The Responsible Citizen’s Collective Continuum Manual


Seated in the immaculately-maintained morning commuter train, Christian stares, transfixed, at a handwritten message scrawled on the, otherwise pristine, subway wall.  
“History is Changing”.
The passenger train doors close with a hiss and overhead lights flicker as the train slowly pulls away from the station. When Christian looks again, the writing is gone. He sits, blinking , in his highly-polished, molded-plastic bench. Slightly jostled by the motion of the train and the here-one-minute, gone-the-next message.
Christian looks around to see if anyone, besides himself, saw the momentary apparition but his fellow passengers are oblivious, quietly settling into their pre-assigned seating.

The well-mannered passengers are the embodiment of calm, dressed neatly in their state-approved, black and white monochrome palette. The only hint of color, besides the occasional lipstick, being their numbered identity markers: necklaces for women, wrist-bands for men, which match the number on their seat and the color of their designated commuter section.  
Surely, Christian had been seeing things? Perhaps, afflicted by what the Center for Impulse Analysis would call an “Unproductive Synaptic Formation”? But what concerns Christian most isn’t the cryptic nature of the message, it’s the appearance of an unauthorized thought, in an unauthorized location.
It says right in the “Responsible Citizen’s Collective Continuum” Manual that: “subway walls are reserved exclusively for the Productive Synaptic Re-enforcement of the properly integrated citizen”.
What did it say about his civic commitment that he perceived, if only in his mind’s eye, a desecration of one of the explicitly-stated, communal strictures of the Collective Continuum? 
Christian looks around him again. He quietly considers his orderly, perfectly-maintained and impassively-correct fellow passengers with sudden affection and grave concern. An unfamiliar mist rises in Christian’s eyes and he heaves an inadvertent sigh.  
A quiet sound, but one that draws darting looks from conspicuously unturned heads.
Ignoring the air of tension around him, Christian lifts his left wrist and pushes the central button on the biometric personal data device implanted in his arm. The LCD screen lights up and a young woman, with an impassive face speaks directly to Christian from the screen. “Good morning. Please state the nature of your report.”
Christian takes a deep breath, draws the data device closer to his lips and states clearly, but in a low voice, “I am a threat”.
The young woman’s face registers a slight frown. She addresses him in a curt but polite tone, “I was unable to process your report. Please speak in the pre-authorized volume”. 
Christian clenches his jaw and looks around, shame-faced. He clears his throat, then in a loud and resonate voice declares, “I am a threat.”
Passengers around Christian scatter, like soap on an oil slick, to the farthest recesses of the subway car.
The young woman on the screen nods and consults a data screen just out of frame. She speaks calmly, “I see that you are on the 115 headed toward Victory Center.” She looks directly at Christian again. “Please remain where you are. A threat extraction team will intercept you at the next stop and escort you to the nearest Adjustment Center.” Then, with sincere gratitude, “Thank you, Responsible Citizen, for your diligence in serving the Collective Continuum.”
The screen goes blank. There is no sound, other than the gentle rhythm of the passenger car.
Christian stares at his hands, conspicuously alone among the abruptly abandoned seats. He quietly accepts the looks of fearful distrust cast upon him by his fellow passengers. Their stunned silence is shattered by the sound of squealing brakes as the train eases into the next station, followed quickly by the hiss of the automatic, hydraulic doors.
Christian steels himself then stands to face the elite, armed-to-the-teeth, military extraction team now swarming into the suddenly cramped subway car. He puts up no resistance. Within seconds, Christian is shackled, drugged from a single-dose, nerve gas capsule popped under his nose and carried away, unconscious. Suspended, boneless as a rag doll, between the two marching columns of his highly-armored escort.
There is blackness…then.
Christian’s opiate-heavy lids flicker slightly. Slowly and with great effort, he manages to pry them apart and look around him with groggy, technically open, yet still functionally-unseeing eyes.
Through his slowly dissipating haze, shapes begin to emerge. Christian can just make out the outline of a white coat and the hint of a person behind the cold, smooth edges of an electronic medical pad. He blinks hard to bring the intelligent, aloof and efficiently beautiful face of his assigned doctor into focus.
Christian stares at her, stunned, not certain if the vision is a product of an actual reality, or a result of the heavy drugs recently administered. As a pre-caution, he holds his breath, afraid of shattering what seems to him, a fragile moment.
“Mr. Porter? Are you back with us?” Her voice, as well-modulated as her clinical expression, carries within it no hint of personal attachment as she uses a handheld bio-reader to check his pupils and measure his other vital signs.
Christian tries to sit up but finds he is completely immobile. With only the movement of his eyes he discerns that he is shackled to a medical table, outfitted with metal latches from head to toe. His gaze follows the easily more than dozen electrodes running from his exposed, all but naked body to a beeping, quietly cycling, medical monitor.
A look of fear passes over Christian’s face.
The doctor sees his panic and her demeanor softens slightly, “These restraints are only in place to help stabilize you during your scan. You needn’t be alarmed, they are not a reflection on your civic commitment.”

She places her hands on his chest to quite his rising fear. Her touch returns him to a state of calm.
The doctor flips a switch on the control console , “Here, maybe it will help you to watch the progress of your neuro-map.” Christian’s eyes widen as a computer-generated, holographic image of his own brain fills the room. He is hit by sudden wave of nausea.
The doctor sees this and turns to point out a red, pulsing quadrant of his brain, hoping an explanation of the process will provide a welcome distraction. “You see this agitated area here? This is your prelimbic cortex which registers fear response. It is connected to the basal and central nucleus of the amygdala which sends “fight or flight” signals to your autonomic and endocrine receptors.”

The doctor speaks to Christian over her shoulder, “In everyday functionality, this event would be cause for concern as the Collective Continuum has been scientifically and socially engineered to eradicate animal fear response in the properly integrated citizen. But these are rather extraordinary circumstances: you are in unfamiliar surroundings, encountering previously unexperienced stimuli and those indicators will be mathematically factored in to your final neuro-map analysis.”
The doctor turns back to Christian with a reassuring smile, “So, you see, you can relax. You will not be cited for these readings.”  
Christian nods, but looks somewhat less than reassured. A stifled gag indicates to the doctor that Christian is losing his battle to control his nausea.
“Your nausea is perfectly normal. Seeing the inner-workings of your own brain can be very disorienting to some subjects.”
The doctor moves quickly as she speaks. She checks the status of his scan, waits for the progress prompt to read: “Complete”, then grabs a stainless steel container and hits the “restraint release” button on the table all in the same motion.
The metal restraints release and Christian leans over the side of the table just in time to avoid choking on his own vomit. The doctor offers him the container, but it’s too late.
She and Christian stare at her freshly anointed, chunk-splattered, shoes.
The doctor gives Christian an exasperated look, the hint of a smile pulling at the corners of her usually serious mouth. “You will, however, be cited for THAT”.
Christian can’t help but chuckle as he rolls back onto the table.

Though clearly sliding quickly toward unconsciousness, he manages to ask the question that has been burning in his mind from the moment he awoke. “What's your name?”
Barely able to focus, Christian fights the encroaching darkness as he struggles to hold onto the image of her beautiful, now hesitant face. Finally, she smiles and answers in a low, soft voice. “It’s Eva.”
Eva suddenly remembers herself and checks surreptitiously over her shoulder, “I mean…(clears her throat) Doctor Bennett.”
Christian smiles, exhausted. “Eva.”
He passes out. Her name, more prayer than statement, still lingering on his unconscious lips.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Tide (A Folk/Protest Song) by Sharee Anne Gorman

 The Tide 
Written and Performed
Sharee Anne Gorman
 The Tide  
(rough mix...not mastered)
I spent the day at Moose-Creek-Recording-Studio yesterday
to get my folk/protest song "The Tide"
set to music.
It's been many years since I have sung into a professional mic capable of picking up every last tremble and waver of my voice...and the terror is pretty apparent in my voice:) 
I may not have the chops for professional level recording, but I'm glad I did it because I wanted to hear what the song sounded like with accompaniment.
I chose a very stripped-down instrumental because I wanted the music to be as stark as the working conditions and lives of the miners and tireless labor activists who placed themselves in harm's way to get fair and safe working conditions for exploited laborers. 
Kevin at Moose Creek Recording was very patient and did what he could to digitally smooth out my nerves. I'll have to work on my fear in order to push through to the quality of my relaxed voice...but it's a start.
Moose Creek provides a very relaxed atmosphere, with a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art set-up. The owner, Kevin, is a patient and professional musician/technician. He takes you step-by-step through pre-recording practice to sound-booth recording and sound-board mixing, so that you have input and can make adjustments throughout every step of the song recording process.  
Kevin Deily, the owner of Moose Creek Recording Studio, also plays bass on this track.
Thank you, Kevin!
Please feel free to check out and "Like" my facebook page:
We are a 21st Century Digital Peace March!
No traffic jams!
No missed work days!
No pepper-spray!
No head-bashing!
We have a 5 Star Rating, but we could always use more!
 *Recording picture was taken in 2011, the day I first recorded "The Tide" a cappella) 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Did You Help Save the World Today? Well, You CAN!!

Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages
A New People Movement to End Corporate Hegemony!
When secret trade-agreements like the TPP start to pass we are seeing the future of oppression written out in contractual agreements with global implications.
What corporations don't want us to look at is that PROFIT COMES FROM SOMEWHERE.
Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages is a new global people movement. We created this petition asking President Obama to enact a world-wide labor treaty for living wages because economic inequality and social injustice is suffocating the natural gifts and resources of our human potential.
The corporate ethos of "Profits Over People" is quite literally killing the world...destroying nations, enslaving the vulnerable and poisoning our planet.
In order to bring balance back to our Earth and restore dignity to our civil unions we must take back the power of people-driven politics, so that we may rein-in runaway corporate abuses and growing shareholder hegemony.
Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to President Obama for a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages
If we CHANGE the way BUSINESS is done in the world - WE *CAN* CHANGE THE WORLD!! 

Please, "like", "tweet", "G+", "Pin us", "email us" and any other method of communication you can think of...including well-trained Carrier Pigeons :)

Thank you SUPER HEROES for helping to save the world!

Thank you for spreading the news!

Sharee Anne Gorman

Monday, March 3, 2014

What "12 Years a Slave" reveals about Capitalism.

"I Don't Want to Survive...I Want to Live"

"12 Years A Slave" won the Best Picture Oscar last night for 2014. Why is this significant? And what does it reveal about Capitalism?

This is a significant win because "12 Years a Slave" has a unique opportunity to provide an historical example of the consequences of oppression...which in reality is the basis of Capitalism.

How so?

Switch out the word "plantation owner" and replace it with the word "shareholder".

(Think Apple, whose iphones cost $199 to manufacture, but who sell it for $649.00 as reported by Computer World. Apple sees such a high margin on their "investments"... not because Apple products are so expensive to manufacture, but because they utilize slave-labor in order to put more money in their investors' and CEO's pockets.)

Switch out the word "plantation owner" and replace it with the word "corporation".

Switch out the word "cotton" and replace it with the words "conflict minerals" or "slave wages". 

Slavery is not over in America...nor, is it over in any other country.

We only *think* slavery is over because it has mostly been outsourced. We no longer throw people on a boat, strip them of their rights and put them to work, under threat of the lash, on our inherited lands. 

No, now corporations take the plantations to the slaves, in order to escape the horrible stigma of being branded "slave-makers". Out of sight, out of mind.

As long as you have enough distraction in the media, corporations and shareholders
don't have to be called what they are - modern-day, plantation owners.

Not that we still don't have domestic slaves.

Switch out the word "migrant worker" and replace it with the word "slave".

We don't see black people carrying around bales of cotton, so we don't equate it with slavery. As if cotton were the only product of slavery.

The government pretends they don't want "illegal aliens" here. They look the other way while "illegal aliens" slip under a very conveniently porous that, on the surface, it looks voluntary. 

But, it was our strategic trade-policies (NAFTA) that impoverished the economies of these workers, forcing them to migrate north so that business owners could have the benefits of nearly, slave labor.

Once immigrant workers are in the country illegally, it is simply a matter of imposing on them the status of an "illegal", so that our fearless leaders can strip them of their civil rights...just like they did with the slaves of the old south.

Perhaps someday (and maybe, because of this movie) someday soon, a new generation will be able to throw off the blinders of indoctrination and see where profit and luxury actually come from.
Perhaps, those who never thought about it before, will finally come to understand that Profit Comes from comes from crushing people.
Please sign and share this Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages petition. Let's end economic and manufacturing slavery. Let's change the way business is done in the world. Let's get this conversation started!
At least, that's the way it seems to me,
Sharee Anne Gorman

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Re: Russell Brand's Article on Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death

Russell Brand wrote an article for The Guardian in which he addresses the tragic, pointless and untimely end to Philip Seymour Hoffman's life. You can read it here: Another Victim Of Extremely Stupid Drug Laws by Russell Brand

Russell's open letter is a passionate and unapologetic indictment of current drug laws and is buoyed by his own personal struggle with addiction and recovery.

And I agree with much of what he has to say.

Firstly, that Philip’s death was indeed, tragic and avoidable.

Secondly, that we need to de-criminalize drugs and address the ways in which addicts are perceived and treated. History has painfully illustrated the pitfalls of prohibition and common sense dictates that we are very much in need of regulations for safe access, education for proper care and compassion for understanding.

But, in tandem, I feel we should also address the condition of what Russell describes as “…the unrelenting echo of an unfulfillable void”…beyond the cause and effect of addiction.

I believe addiction isn’t just a physical/biological condition. I believe it starts when intelligent, sensitive observers seek refuge from unrelenting, meaninglessness and injustice.

Isn’t it time for an acknowledgement of the crisis of culture?

Isn't it time to recognize and reject the endless forwarding of the cult of personality, spectacle and crisis to divert human consciousness away from awareness and justice - toward complacency, inequality and resignation?

It’s time to identify the real enemy. The Masters of Diversion and Misdirection - the owners, the oppressors and the geopolitical planners.

It’s time to call these entities out. It's time to call them what they are...the architects of power, the engineers of economic inequality and the perpetrators of social injustice. 

If not now...when?


it’s not about the bulge in his pants
or, the rose beneath her lace
it’s not about the property lines
or, lovers losing face
it’s not about who’s right or wrong
or, who will win the case
it’s about the roles we play
and the lies we’re told
that keep us in our place
those who print the money
rule by phones without a trace…
while poets
vainly soliloquize
on the lack of human grace


At least, that's the way it seems to me,


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An Open Letter to Chris annienomad-cyberpoet

This is a slightly revised letter that I sent to Chris Hedges, via Common Dreams:

Dear Chris,
Thank you for your many informative and uncompromising articles. You are a one-man, de-programming machine:)
I am writing to you because I have noticed recently that the Occupy Movement is calling for a global citizens' movement and I have an idea that I think will bring the 99% of the world (first world and third world citizens) together in Solidarity...not because I'm a genius or anything. I just think maybe people have been concentrating on the symptoms of the global crisis rather than the cause and might, therefore, have missed the root of the problem.
As you know, one of the many strategies the rich rely upon in gaining and maintaining their wealth is to apply downward pressure on labor. And, of course, the benefit to oppressing workers lies not only in increased profits via slave-wages, but in keeping the 99% in constant survival/panic-mode so that the 1% have less opposition from a frightened, and therefore, more easily-controlled populace.

I would just like to remind everyone that LABOR crosses all demographics - race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and all other cultural and social markers. Which makes it the perfect binder for social and economic change.
Labor has, in fact, been the basis of the most lasting changes in some of the largest social movements in history. 
Sometime ago, I started a petition for a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages. I am not under the impression that, on its own, a petition will solve anything. 
Clearly, a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages *movement* will require the collaboration of lawyers, journalists, social leaders and political strategists for said movement to come to full fruition...but a petition creates a good starting point for the right conversation.

A sort of Genesis point.
I believe a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages is a good idea, but I am only an unknown poet.

There is simply no reason to listen to me....I have no "branding".

My one claim to *non-fame* is that Noam Chomsky once called my poem "Vigil - A Poem of American Crisis"..."Moving and evocative. And so true".

I have posted my Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages petition on many sites (AlterNet, Truthdig, Truthout, Common Dreams, Facebook, Twitter) trying to build support for what seems, to me, to be a viable approach for stopping runaway corporate worker and third world exploitation but no organization or group has stepped up to lend their, I figured, maybe, bringing the idea to the attention of someone who has been writing extensively about the dangers of growing corporate feudalism might possibly help move the cause forward.
Probably not...but I thought I'd try.
Here is the link for the petition:
Here is the link to the website:
Here is the link to my poem:
Vigil - A Poem of American Crisis
Or, here is the link to the animated, multi-media version of "Vigil":

I have no idea whether you will find this idea to be worthy of endorsing or viable enough to consider forwarding...but, in any case, thank you so much for your enlightening journalistic work.

At least, that's the way it seems to me,
Sharee Anne Gorman