Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"China" A Poem of Partnership - USA and China Climate Change Partnership?


intuitive observers of one-ness
parents of music, language and arts

…ancient cultivators of enlightenment…

forgive us our tears
our ignorance
our confusion
forgive us our anger
our impatience
our protest

…we are of a different era…

we, who dare to preach
the slick of our rainbows
still floating in tidal pools

your descendants
your issue
your impetuous child
we have thrown our rebel tantrum
we have risked our mortal souls
heaven beckons us from chaos
from the brink of our undoing

…from the certainty of a global grave…

we respectfully remind you
of your ageless
mutually arising

taste carefully
the urgency of commerce
weigh judiciously
the opportunity of trade
consider wisely
the burden of lost time

let us gather our wills together
let us damn this toxic tide
let us nourish the mouths between us
and sever the bonds of distrust
our fates are bound
our promise untested

…let us conquer ourselves together…