Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to End Corporatocracy

We should start at the root of the problem. What has everybody up in arms around the globe right now? INEQUALITY. Lack of representation, lack of labor and lack of fair compensation.

There is a simple little truth that the super wealthy don't want us to look at. PROFIT comes from somewhere. The under-paid worker, the over-charged consumer or stolen resources from weaker nations.

I propose we enact a Global Labor Treaty for Sustainable Wages. A Global Labor Treaty would close the loop-holes that make it profitable for corporations to off-shore jobs, busting unions in the process.

A sustainable wage would allow vulnerable countries to feed their families, build infrastructure and retain the resources they need to create stability reducing their need for aid. Not only would this treaty end slave labor, but it would strengthen unions here at home.

Please take a moment to sign my petition to the U.N. for a Global Labor Treaty - it'll only take a second:)

As far as voting goes, maybe waiting every four years to vote for candidates already bought and paid for isn't the best use of our energies. Corporations have the game sewn up. But they're not all-powerful. They need PROFIT to survive. PROFIT to influence politicians, to live in luxury and to buy sports stadiums.

PROFIT that comes from the labor and consumerism of the masses.

Organized Consumerism will affect the markets and will, therefore, get their attention. It's our job to be the checks and balances to their global control.

And, for inspiration a protest/solidarity song called, "The Tide". "The Tide" because that's what people become when they refuse to have their human rights denied.

Getting to a point where whole nations are not in danger of starvation or annihilation should be our goal, shouldn't it?

What harm could a little good will do?

At least, that's the way it seems to me,