Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Conscience (I Apply Scar Gel) A Poem by annienomad-cyberpoet

When the world does not reflect the tenets of its own rhetoric and life is lost in resisting the internalization of the disconnect...the mind will start to eat itself.
You start to feel that in seeing beyond the mind-control, in collapsing beneath the weight of what lies behind the curtain, in not embracing the automatic life...that you have done something wrong.

(Apply Scar Gel)
Morning comes
feed the cat
wash the dishes
make the bed
apply scar gel
to pulse points,
like an exotic
oil of essence.
Sugar wants a nap
Evening comes
feed the cat
wash the dishes
unmake the bed
apply dreams
like scar gel
to the pulse points
of conscience.

Sharee Anne Gorman