Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stopping Trump With Just One Meme...Not!

Time to learn a new phrase, kids! It's called...

The Extractor Class

The Extractor Class - #XtractorClass
You don't need to uncover layer after layer of deep, conspiracy-laden, historical documents to find out who is controlling the just need to follow the money.

The Extractor Class is not some dark secret society or hidden group running the world from an underground facility or a secure room.
It's a very OBVIOUS, public group
stealing all your sh*t.

The Extractor Class steals resources from vulnerable countries through militarism. They run an on-going con called Wall Street. They take the peoples' commons and sell it back to us. Or, they privatize tech that was developed by public taxes and...again, sell it back to us.

The #XtractorClass is a "toll-booth" society.

If you want to stop them it will require a
#globalsolidarity movement.

#Trump #Clinton #2016 #GlobalLaborTreatyforLivingWages #incomeinequality #XtractorClass

At least, that's the way it seems to me,

Sharee Anne Gorman

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