Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organizing The (Global) Garage

Staring into the vast landscape of a chaotic, upended mass of human folly, confusion, enterprise-gone-terribly-wrong or simply unchecked - I find myself wondering...hmm, where to start?

If we remove the wrong piece the whole thing could collapse. And even if we manage to lay it all out so that we can survey the remnants of a sometimes brilliant/sometimes shameful evolutionary history to view the evidence of where we've been, what we've accomplished and much of what we've forgotten, how could we possibly devise a plan or structure to accommodate all areas of endeavor?

We live in such a fragmented world on the ground, yet to view Earth from a distance we are a whole.

How do we come together?

There are many worthy, sincere movements underway (I've started a few myself) and some progress is evident but we are still divided. We are scattered and divisive. We are confused and our confusion spills out in violence.

We need to simplify. The essence of organization is simplification - this goes over here, that goes over there, we need a special shelf for this and this we don't need any more so let's throw it out. Which is fine for organizing material goods but what about people? There has already been enough division of peoples based on color, culture, gender and status.

I believe the basis for organizing people is justice. A foundation of civil rights and equality - not just for our own group, not just for our own country, not just for our own gender. Universal Rights.

What do I mean by Universal Rights? I mean no entity - personal, governmental or corporate has the right to subject any individual or group to conditions that undermines their health, physical freedom or right to express their ideas in an open forum.

Sounds simple, I know, but it's amazing to me how far afield we can stray from such a basic idea. Assumptions, justifications, rationales and deliberate misdirection make such a reality possible.

Deliberate misdirection? Yes. Much of the history of mankind is conquest. Whether it is the conquering of an outside entity or the oppression of one's own people, history is a record of the ambitious and greedy mapping out a plan for grabbing territory and resource while devising believable justifications for implementing such plans.

This plan only works, however, as long as people blindly follow the official story of authority. In other words, PR. Public Relations is the new propaganda -whether "left" or "right".

Patriotism, Religion, Party Politics - these cultural tools are often used to actively cultivate fear of an outside force, whether foreign or domestic, in order to influence the perception of the masses. They deliberately manufacture enemies. They can always find an enemy. After all, you poke someone long enough behind the scenes and they will lash out - then you can condemn the lashing out and do what you already wanted to do, which is to justify your oppression of them and/or occupy their land.

Who else but the unsuspecting would offer up their children for battle if the only reason for blood-shed is monetary gain for the top 1% in the world? No one would.

So again I say, Universal Rights - fair treatment of citizens and workers globally. No country should be able to oppress another country in order to enrich its own people (War) and no class should be able to dupe its citizens into a massive transfer of wealth (Wall Street).

Wherever there is extreme poverty there is corruption or the after-effects of extreme abuse - such as the case in Haiti which suffered at the hands of the French. Mexico and South America, which suffered at the hands of the United States. Or Africa and India, which suffered dearly at the hands of the English, etc.

Lets organize our thinking. Lets organize our humanity. Lets organize our vision.

Lets put everything in its place so we can see where we stand and create a clear space in which we can all work together, unobstructed, to build more aware and meaningful lives.

Or, at least, that's the way it seems to me,