Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Vigil" A Poem of American Crisis by annienomad-cyberpoet

A Poem of American Crisis
Sharee Anne Gorman

 rows of cameras roll
in silent running
recording for posterity
the scattered points of light
clustering steadily into pools
of brightly-lit umbrellas

unintended Chinese lanterns
gathered in grief

feeling very much the intruders
news crews bear witness to
a community in shock

humbled and shaken
they shiver at the sight of
orphaned parents protecting
the fragile flames of their
dwindling, yet somehow eternal,
remembrance candles

sodden handkerchiefs
are folded and refolded
by owners searching desperately
for an unused corner to dry
chapped and moistened cheeks

sleeves serve almost as well
for the less prepared

while those who stand
stone-faced and stubborn
leave tears to find
their own course

numbly offering up body salts
to the soggy ground beneath
unsteady feet

we’ve stopped asking “why”
"why" has lost all meaning

but the words “enough”
and “no more”
are quickly gaining

we don’t care anymore
if it’s the guns,
the video games,
the horror movies
...or the meds...

those are just the symptoms of
an over-sold
and misspent culture

...we just want it to stop...

to understand the
reflection in this mirror
of our collective conscience

...the mirror to our madness...

a reflection that has become
...a vigil...
in its own right




  1. We've stopped asking why....but the words "enough" ...are gaining ground.... very cool. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, Mark.