Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Angry, Gun-Wielding Chickens

If we Americans want to stop the violence here at home, we have to stop committing violence abroad.

Citizens, young and old, are losing their minds because they cannot reconcile the pervasive disconnect between our national PR image as philanthropic liberators, and our conquistador, foreign policy actions overseas.

America’s military actions are made possible only by disguising our expansionism with the proper amount of plausible deniability -  "we create *security* by going and destroying the people that attack us"...even though they only attack us because we are expanding our military presence in their land.

Many religious people and good citizens of every stripe have been fooled into thinking we are noble. That our actions in the world are to protect ourselves and others from tyranny. But we are the tyranny. Not America. No. What America has *become*…an invading force and strong-arm tool for resource grab to financially benefit the richest of the rich.

Belief in a greater good, doing the right thing and protecting the weak has been co-opted by those who live according to whichever strategy will maintain dominance and inequality. Even if people have to die, or whole nations must be stripped of their natural resources, in order to accomplish those ends.

Geopolitical strategists think that this is the way of nature. It’s a game to them. A life or death game, that they plan to win. But it’s more than “survival of the fittest”. They want to live in extreme wealth and luxury and wield great power over others.

They don’t understand co-operation. They don’t understand sharing. They only understand taking, so they can have more than anyone else. But they can’t just take what they want and re-write history to make themselves look good, like they used to.

We live in a world of real-time media now. Now these agendas must be buried under a great deal of misinformation and misdirection through distraction so that citizens around the globe don’t rise up in protest.

Which is why citizens are now being raised to be sociopathic, gamer/consumers - brain-washed into shooting everything in sight and conned into buying every new version of electronic toy or computing equipment that the American advertising industry can throw at them.

All of which leads to depression and addiction - whether it be drugs, alcohol, sex or whatever…they all have become part of the distraction cycle.

Kids are raised to have over-simulated “want buttons”, thanks to the avarice encouraged in them from the time they are old enough to watch a television commercial.

Now young people grow up to find they are stuck in a losing paradigm. They are under-employed and turned into indentured slaves by under-payment for their labor. Or, hobbled by soaring tuitions, if they opt for higher education - not for the purpose of gaining greater knowledge, mind you, just for the purpose of snagging a bigger paycheck. The purpose of such hobbling being that you can never, never question authority or you will lose the “opportunity” to earn your way out of that kind of debt.

Through this strategy the planners have created a controlled society through economic pressure, unless, god-forbid, people break free of the mind-control.

Which is why citizens are being kept in a zombie-like state of existence, tied to their computers, phones and x-boxes.

Young people have come to feel the only other way out of poverty is to become famous. Figuring they’ll play the long shot and avoid the gravity of poverty, but that requires a level of hustlerism that becomes its own prison. It requires having a marketable talent like athleticism, singing, acting or directing.

But, of course, gamers, consumers and online surfers are impulse junkies so they have to opt for the get-famous-quick plan of humiliating themselves for the sake of a numb and cruel tv audience because by this time they can’t plan a life…they can only react to adrenaline.

It is almost inevitable that, eventually, the meaninglessness of it all overtakes them and they lose it.

Either they breakdown, quietly and inwardly. Or they snap. Loudly and outwardly. At which point, in extreme cases, they end up shooting up their school mates or a shopping mall or movie theater...because they feel it is the only way to break out of their prison and make a name for themselves – even if it’s a bad name.

Leaders are trying to blame it all on guns. I don’t like guns, but I understand why people feel they need them. And the hoarding of them is an expression of fear. A fear born out of distrust, because citizens can sense that something is wrong.

I believe, if we create a world that is truly just and truly of good will, guns will become obsolete. It is my belief that they will be forgotten and left rusting in the fields, or on display in museums, as the relics of the past they will have become by the time we evolve to the point of not needing them.

A fool’s dream? Yeah, maybe.

It still feels possible to me, even though things have gotten so dark. In fact, maybe *because* things have gotten so dark. It kind of feels like a tipping point for bullshit, doesn’t it? Like maybe people have all had enough and want to wake up from the lie they’ve been handed.

At one time, people were drawn into a world of fiction that was inspiring and ennobling. And if they had trouble in the *real* world because their head was full of grand adventures and heroes’ journeys - well, they became dreamers. They used their apartness for contemplation and aspirations for creating a better world through art and creative insights.

An endeavor I like to call, “Growing the Human” - consciously creating a condition in which we begin to understand through intelligence, compassion, self-awareness and productive challenge of authority our connection to our environment, our fellow citizens around the world and the interconnectivity of rich and poor so that we may become fully-functioning, fully-realized human beings. Because, that is the point at which we begin to see the world in a way that we did not, nor could not, understand before.

I think we are losing dreamers because the world promotes competition above all else, at the expense of the heart.

The rich know enough to "give back" through charities - but charities only offer temporary help and make the rich feel better about having taken so much in the first place. And worse they end up masking the larger problem. The larger problem being that those who live at the top of the pyramid have planned our society around misinformation and distraction to hide the fact that they are parasitically draining all resource from everyone beneath them.

We wouldn’t need charities for anything except natural disasters (which we naturally come together for anyway), if runaway greed were not creating runaway poverty.

The extremely rich are starting to feel the chink in their armor giving way. Their system is collapsing and now it seems the chickens are coming home to roost. Angry, gun-wielding chickens.

At least that’s the way it seems to me,



  1. As far as rich people, there is a saying: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Did you know that (just do a search) U.S. veterans commit suicide every 85 minutes.

    War has become very profitable and those huge companies that made billions on it do not want to lose that money so there can be no end to war. Also the rich want to keep making more. It used to be OK for a CEO to make 100 times what the others in the company make. Now they must make 1,000 what the others make. Have you read any articles about the vanishing middle class?

    1. Yes, sadly, I am aware that soldiers and vets are committing suicide at a staggering rate. We need to stop the War Machine and bring them home.

      And, yes, I am fairly well read on the subject of corporate greed and the deliberate inequality imposed by geo-political planners. Have you read Michael Hudson? He is a economist with a strong historical perspective. http://michael-hudson.com/

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