Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Tide (A Folk/Protest Song) by Sharee Anne Gorman

 The Tide 
Written and Performed
Sharee Anne Gorman
 The Tide  
(rough mix...not mastered)
I spent the day at Moose-Creek-Recording-Studio yesterday
to get my folk/protest song "The Tide"
set to music.
It's been many years since I have sung into a professional mic capable of picking up every last tremble and waver of my voice...and the terror is pretty apparent in my voice:) 
I may not have the chops for professional level recording, but I'm glad I did it because I wanted to hear what the song sounded like with accompaniment.
I chose a very stripped-down instrumental because I wanted the music to be as stark as the working conditions and lives of the miners and tireless labor activists who placed themselves in harm's way to get fair and safe working conditions for exploited laborers. 
Kevin at Moose Creek Recording was very patient and did what he could to digitally smooth out my nerves. I'll have to work on my fear in order to push through to the quality of my relaxed voice...but it's a start.
Moose Creek provides a very relaxed atmosphere, with a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art set-up. The owner, Kevin, is a patient and professional musician/technician. He takes you step-by-step through pre-recording practice to sound-booth recording and sound-board mixing, so that you have input and can make adjustments throughout every step of the song recording process.  
Kevin Deily, the owner of Moose Creek Recording Studio, also plays bass on this track.
Thank you, Kevin!
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 *Recording picture was taken in 2011, the day I first recorded "The Tide" a cappella)