Friday, June 5, 2015

"I See" excerpt from Primal Scream by annienomad~cyberpoet

I See

I See…her cringe at his arrogant,
pac-10, six-pack-fueled bid for status
I see…him grow resigned and flaccid
for the bones that protrude beneath
her starving skin

I See…the gay and well-heeled rebels
of the family paradigm
sucked back in through fear of loneliness
and threat of disease

I See…the commuter and his fight for air
and the road less traveled
I See…the child at play in a hostile
miniature monkey asphalt jungle

I See…the old couple bent from the lies
and assurances that kept them placid
members of a society that has,
so readily, forgotten them

I See…the pop culture suicide of
an instant-icon generation who
"dare to say no"
but fill their prescriptions
with a resounding

I See…the desperation
of an exploded population
and the growing realization
that maybe
isn't with us

©2008 Sharee Anne Gorman