Friday, June 5, 2015

We The People - excerpt from "Politics & Poetry" by annienomad~cyberpoet

We the People

we are teeming
we masses
we inconvenient
yet necessary

blindered daily by
well-intentioned talking heads
their rarely seen hands tied by
parent company, share-holder

we the people… 
befuddled fodder for untold riches
occasionally awakened
by the rising grumblings of
our lowly
restless brethren

seasonally riled into
made ritually pointless by
emboldened corporate bag men
and government "think tanks”
who spend tax-payer money
devising new and covert ways
to keep us from thinking.

we the people…
who marvel at our Ponzi Scheme culture
admiring the magic trick of
turning public funding into
private profit


The People... 
quasi-breathing, citizen/consumers
providing mindless grist
for modern financial mills
up to our muffled ears in debt
paupers at the polls
and pump

© 2013 Sharee Anne Gorman